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GreekCoin, the revolutionary stable coin designed to empower Hellenes abroad and connect them with the vibrant essence of Greece like never before. With a focus on fostering cultural ties, promoting tourism, and enabling seamless transactions, GreekCoin is not just a cryptocurrency – it’s a bridge that brings Greece closer to its diaspora.

At Buy in Greece, we’re not just a real estate company – we’re the embodiment of a dream. Founded with a vision to bridge the gap between our global Hellenic community and the treasures of our homeland, we are committed to making Greek real estate ownership a reality for every proud Hellene.

GreekMade is an innovative platform, which brings together and promotes Greek products and businesses on a global level. Through this platform, Greek producers and entrepreneurs have the opportunity to display and sell their products, thus reaching a wide market, which includes both the Greek diaspora and international consumers. is an innovative online channel focusing on Greek culture, entrepreneurship and public life. It offers various shows such as “Hellenes Abroad”, “GreekMade”, and “Buy in Greece”, as well as coverage of events such as “GreekExpo 2026”.

We warmly welcome you to Hellenes Abroad, a vibrant and inclusive community dedicated to connecting Greeks and philhellenes globally. Our mission is to celebrate our rich heritage, support each other, and strengthen our ties to Greece, no matter where we are in the world.

Welcome to GreekExpo, the destination that connects the world with Greece. Here, shopping, traveling and investing come together on an online platform that offers limitless opportunities. Discover Greek products, tour packages and real estate by participating in group purchases at wholesale prices.

Set against the vivid backdrop of Kastellorizo, “Megisti” is a captivating love story that unfolds amidst the beauty and trials of post-war Greece. This narrative chronicles the lives of Giorgos and Maria, childhood sweethearts whose paths diverge when Maria moves to Australia in search of a better life.

Embarking on the journey from an amateur singer to a professional is both exciting and demanding. This guide, “Vocal Mastery: A Comprehensive Guide for the Aspiring Professional Singer,” by Nick Drimousis is designed to be your roadmap through this transformative process.