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About Nikolaos Drimousis

Introduction: I am Nikolaos Drimousis, with extensive experience in various fields, offering innovative digital solutions through 444 Studio. Our services include a comprehensive loyalty system, AussieCoin, designed to support organizations, brands, and individuals by enhancing engagement and building vibrant communities.

Our Services:

Digital Solutions by 444 Studio: 444 Studio offers a range of digital solutions. We launch and manage online TV channels and radio stations, effectively engaging wider audiences. Our team creates stunning, functional websites tailored to your brand’s needs. We also develop and manage NFTs for sports clubs and organizations, opening new revenue streams and increasing fan engagement. Additionally, we provide opportunities for sports clubs, brands, and individuals to create their own broadcasts, podcasts, and live streams.

AussieCoin Loyalty System: The AussieCoin system rewards customers and members, driving retention and loyalty. We connect AussieCoin with marketplaces in health, sports, and Greek products, offering customers exclusive discounts and flexible payment options.


  1. Health Products Marketplace:
    • Platform:
    • Description: Promote and sell health products, offering discounts and exclusive deals through AussieCoins.
  2. Sports Products Marketplace:
    • Platform:
    • Description: Engage sports enthusiasts with a variety of sports products, providing discounts and deals via AussieCoins.
  3. Greek Products Marketplace:
    • Platform:
    • Description: Celebrate Greek culture by offering Greek products at discounted prices through AussieCoins.

Trivia Nights and Competitions:

  1. Health Trivia Nights:
    • Focus: Promote health and wellness through engaging trivia contests.
    • Rewards: Participants earn AussieCoins to spend on health products.
  2. Soccer Trivia Nights:
    • Platform:
    • Focus: Enhance fan engagement with soccer-themed trivia.
    • Rewards: Participants earn AussieCoins to spend on sports products.
  3. Greek Trivia Nights:
    • Platform:
    • Focus: Celebrate Greek culture with trivia on history, mythology, and cuisine.
    • Rewards: Participants earn AussieCoins to spend on Greek products.

AussieCoin Presale:

For a limited period of six months, AussieCoin will be available at a discounted presale price, offering an excellent opportunity for early adopters to benefit from the AussieCoin ecosystem.

Contact Us:

For more information about our services and how we can support your organization, visit or contact us directly.

Contact Details: Nikolaos Drimousis
Address: 955 King Georges Road, Blakehurst, NSW 2221, Australia
Phone: 0430 337 444

We look forward to collaborating with you to create thriving, engaged communities using the power of AussieCoin and our cutting-edge digital solutions.