Nickon Enterprises Pty Ltd


Welcome to Nickon Enterprises Pty Ltd. Established in 2005, we have a rich history of diverse projects and innovations.
Our key ventures include, specializing in multimedia design and blockchain technology with over 27 years of experience.

Our Initiatives

  • NFT Sports Marketplace: At, we revolutionize the sports industry by integrating NFTs, allowing clubs to create and sell digital collectibles.
  • Sports Coin: Through, we introduce a loyalty coin system that enhances fan engagement and provides tangible benefits.
  • Soccer Channel and Soccer Trivia: Platforms like and are piloted to promote soccer clubs and engage the community through live broadcasts and interactive trivia nights.
  • Real Estate Investment: simplifies real estate investment, making it more accessible and efficient for everyone.

Solving Problems with Our Initiatives

  1. For Sponsors:

    • Value Beyond Advertising: Sponsors get tangible returns rather than just prestige advertising. By selling products through the marketplace, sponsors can directly benefit from increased sales and brand exposure.

  2. For Clubs:

    • Revenue Generation: Clubs earn money from product sales on the marketplace, providing financial support that can be reinvested into club activities.
    • Enhanced Sponsorships: Helping sponsors succeed increases the likelihood of securing more sponsorships.
    • Member Benefits: Clubs can offer players and members cheaper products, strengthening loyalty and support within the community.

  3. For Players, Parents, and Fans:

  4. For the Government:

    • Economic Benefits: Increased commercial activity and financial transactions benefit the broader economy, fostering growth and development in the sports sector.